How To Wear

1. Face Shield / Face Mask

Perfect for displaying Headskinz character faces and skulls designs and to stand out from the crowd. Simply pull up the Headskinz above your nose and under your eyes. For best effect, do this in front of a mirror so you can ensure correct position of the character on your face. You can also fold the top part inside the tube for the comfort and positioning of the design.

2. Neck Gaiter Scarf

One of the most common and popular ways to wear Headskinz is via neck gaiter scarf. Great for when you are on a run or ride to protect the back of your neck, and our thermal gaiters and motorcycle neck warmers are also great in winter to warm your neck. Stylish every time. Simply rest the Headskinz loosely around you neck as pictured.

3. Headband

Perfect for the gym, during activity or when you just wanna look cool! Wrap the Headskinz neck gaiter on your forehead, like a head band. You can then decide on how wide or narrow you like to make it. Some like it smaller to cover the forehead, others like it wider to cover some of the top of the head. Either way, they look great.

4. Chin Chill / Lower Face Cover

This is a very comfortable and functional way to wear your Headskinz. Slip them over your head and under your chin. Then, simply pull up the tube and rest it over your chin.

5. Hair Band or Daisy Duke

Also known as the Alice Band or the Daisy Duke, this style help manage your hair, but is also very much in trend. To wear it this way, start with having the Headskinz around your neck, and then pull the front part up and over your head to cover your hair, and until the bottom part is resting on your forehead.

6. Cap / Beanie

For the urban look, and a way to cover your helmet hair. To achieve the Cap/Beanie style, start by turning the Headskinz inside out. Then, twist the middle of the bandana (one full rotation) and then pull the top section over the bottom to make a cap shape.

7. Hair Tie / Scrunchie

One of the simplest ways to wear Headskinz. Works with every design, looks great, and is highly functional. Very straight forward, wear it like a like a scrunchie, to hold back your pony tail.

8. Hoodie

This style keeps you warm in winter, but also offers great back-of-neck protection in the warmer months. Our solar shield neck gaiter works really well under a helmet or cap. Start with the Headskinz around your neck, then hold the front under your chin while you pull the back part up and over the your head. The bottom part remains on your chin, the top part rests on your forehead.

9. Balaclava

The same method achieves the BALACLAVA style of wearing Headskinz. The only difference is that the bottom part of the bandana is lifter to cover the nose. In other words, the bottom part of THE HOODIE rests on the Chin, but the bottom part of THE BALACLAVA rests on your nose. We also have extra large neck gaiters for those who prefer a looser fit or for those who have larger heads.

10. Wrist Band

Another very simple way to wear Headskinz, but also one of the coolest. Works with every design, looks great, and is highly functional. Simply twist and wrap the Headskinz around your wrist. Make it as thick or thin as you like. We prefer the thicker look… very urban and rock star!

11. Saharine / Sahara

This one offers great protection to the back of the neck, and our eco-friendly neck gaiters especially look great when you are in the outback. Start by turning the Headskinz inside out, then lay it flat on your head (that’s right, FLAT and on your head). Then, press the bottom layer of the Headskinz on your forehead with one hand, and then use the other hand to pull the top layer over to the back of your head. The fabric covers your head, and leaves a tail over the back of your neck.

12. Pirate Hat

The bold and the brave always make this style look awesome. Start by turning the Headskinz inside out. Then place your hands through the bandana. Your right hand enters from the right side to grab the left hand edge, and your left hand enters from the left hand side to grab the right side edge. Then, pull both ends through the bandana creating a knot. Then, simply move the knot to a position that allows a comfortable fit of the bandana on your head.

13. Blind Fold

Whether you are kinky at heart,or need a comfortable way to cover your eyes (eg. Cover your eyes to sleep on the plane/at home, or perhaps in a game, or a surprise), Headskinz provide a super comfortable, cool and fun way to blind fold. This style is one of our favourites.. Simply wear the Headskinz to cover your eyes.