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Headskinz for Fishing

Our fishing face and neck coverings provide sun, UV, wind, dust, debris protection and are made from a 100% moisture-wicking polyester material. Flexible, lightweight, and versatile, you can wear our fishing neck gaiters anytime and anywhere!

Why Wear Headskinz For Fishing?

UV sun protection with sweat & moisture-wicking materials

Our fishing face and neck coverings help you protect your skin from the harsh Australia sun. Simply wrap your head, face, and or neck and enjoy a full day out in the water while being protected from the harsh UV rays and hot sun.

Cap / Beanie Pirate Saharine

Warm & comfortable – perfect for the winter & cooler months

Our fishing face and neck gaiters are also used to keep you warm during your chilliest & coldest fishing trips! You can easily wrap your entire head (except your eyes of course!) or just cover your nose, mouth, and neck for a cozy and warm fishing outing.

Hoodie / Balaclava Face Mask Neck Scarfe

Blocks out wind, dust, sand, and debris

If you happen to be stuck on a fishing trip with strong winds, our Headskinz fishing face and neck gaiters are sure to come in handy. Made to block out the wind as well as dust and debris, you’ll stay protected from the elements no matter what the weather throws at you on your fishing trips.

Face Mask Hoodie / Balaclava

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