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Headskinz for Camping, Hiking, Trekking, & The Outdoors

Our Headskinz face & neck camping snoods offer wind, debris, UV ray & sun protection, and are also made from 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber. Perfect for camping, trekking, hiking, backpacking, and many other types of outdoor activities.

Why Wear Headskinz For Camping & Outdoors

UV sun protection, sweat & moisture-wicking, and an awesome barrier against cold weather and wind.

Headskinz face and neck gaiters can be worn on your camping & outdoor adventures all year long, whether in the summer warmer months, or the colder winter months! With Headskinz, you’ll be able to protect yourself from harsh UV rays to help protect your skin. Plus, Headskinz are made from quality polyester microfiber materials that help wick away excess moisture and sweat – so you get to feel (and look) cool throughout your camping outing. During the colder seasons Headskinz will keep yourself snug and warm while protecting you from the wind and the cold.

Cap / BeanieHoodie / BalaclavaSaharine Neck Scarfe

Warm & comfortable – perfect for the winter & cooler months

Headskinz face and neck bandanas help you stay cosy while camping during the chilly winter months and cooler weather. Headskinz keep the warmth body heat in and the frosty air away from you head, so you stay cosy, warm, and comfortable while enjoying the best of the outdoors.

Chin Chill / Neck Warmer Face Mask Hoodie / Balaclava Neck Scarfe

Blocks out wind, dust, sand, and debris

Headskinz face and neck gaiters help block out wind, dust, sand, and debris – they are a true all-weather protecting face and neck accessory. No matter what the weather looks like for your next camping, hiking, backpacking or trekking outing, the Headskinz range is sure to keep you protected from the elements.

Hoodie / BalaclavaFace Mask

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