About Headskinz

Established in 2018, Headskinz has become one of Australia’s leading brands of multi-functional bandanas and tubular headwear. 

Recognizing that neck gaiters can be more than a protective shield for the head and face, Headskinz are created to provide protection with attitude!

Headskinz team of super talented graphic designers do more than simply add a logo on a design, they create bespoke pieces of artwork that unify a team, promote a brand, support an important event or raise funds for charity. They create designs that mean something. 

Along with the awesome designs the Headskinz product will perform like a champion each & every time. This is because we personally conduct research,  inspect production lines, and test our products to achieve the standards that Australians expect from a leading brand such as ours.

So, whether you are on a mine site, in construction, on the water, on the trails, on your bike or working the land … Headskinz will offer the protection you need with confidence and style. 

However you play, whatever you do, Headskinz has you covered!

What Are Headskinz?

Headskinz provide a super comfortable barrier to the elements (sun, dust, wind, dirt and cold) while allowing breathability to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

They wick away sweat so that they are perfect for sporting environments, and they help block out the sun to offer UV protection, and protection against wind, dust, dirt and debris.

The original Headskinz were made from soft and stretch premium microfibre and shaped as a seamless tube. Since their introduction into the Australian market, Headskinz have continued to innovate and have introduced new fabric solutions to cater to Australia’s demanding environment.

Headskinz are now available in Solar Shields (50+ UPF fabric), Thermal Neck Gaiters (double layer incl fleece), Eco-Friendly Neck Gaiters (using recycled plastic fibres), Promotional fabric (for a low cost option), as well as the original Headskinz fabric that Australian’s have enjoyed.

Headskinz transform into many different headwear products:

  • Face Mask,
  • Head Band,
  • Daisy / Alice Band (Urban Style),
  • Beanie, Saharine or Pirate Hat
  • Neck Warmer / Scarf,
  • Wrist Band,
  • Hair Tie, and
  • Many More Ways. Wear Them Your Way!

Use them for:

  • Bike riding (motorbike or bicycle),
  • Fishing, Camping or the Outdoors,
  • Sport (at the gym, on a run, yoga)
  • Shopping or cruising,
  • The Footy Game, or
  • Anywhere you want to stand out and show your colours.

Wind, Sun, Dirt or Sport, Headskinz have you covered…Wear them your way!