Australian Flag Gaiter Blacko Headskinz - Face Bandana & Neck Gaiter


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Our Australian flag ‘Blacko’ gaiter or tubular face bandana is a patriotic favourite for Aussies everywhere. A blended, colour muted matting of the union jack and the southern cross – seriously, what’s not to love. If you’re looking to keep warm heading to the footy or cool off at the beach, our Australian buff is designed to make you look awesome either way.


With comfortable stretch and 12+ ways of wearing, our Australian flag neck gaiters meets your functional requirements – as well as looking like a total bad*ss.

Extreme comfort

  • 95%+ UV Protection
  • A sun protection rating between 25 UPF – 50+ UPF
  • Sun, cold and wind protection
  • Dust and dirt barrier
  • Awesome designs
  • One size fits most
  • Machine wash cold, washing line dry
  • Moisture-wicking polyester microfiber

Make a statement, express yourself, and protect against the elements with Headskinz! 

In stock