ECO WEAVE – Pastel Baby Blue Headskinz


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Headskinz ECO WEAVE – Stylish AND Sustainable.

Introducing Headskinz ECO WEAVE! Made from a special material derived from 100% recycled plastic (RPET) and yet it performs and feels the same as classic Headskinz – simply awesome. They are stylish, super comfortable, light weight and highly breathable… best yet, they are 100% sustainable. They are packed in a premium recycled eco-cardboard for that all round sustainable experience. Headskinz Eco Weave is the perfect head wear solution so that we give back to the environment.

THIS DESIGN: Pastel Baby Blue

The Pastel Baby Blue Headskinz is a mix between a dreamy cloud and water colours, it’s magical!  With an awesome collision of pastel blues, the Pastel Baby Blue Headskinz design is set to look amazing in a heap of different settings and uses. Looks super groovy!

Make a statement, express yourself, and protect against the elements! (Dust, Dirt, Wind, Sun and Cold)

In stock