Eureka Black - Face Bandana & Neck Gaiter


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Influenced by our Eureka Blue design, we have developed this awesome grey scale Black Eureka design. Wear it as a face bandana, neck gaiter or warmer, or even a wristband! 

The Eureka Black face bandana Headskinz incorporates carefully selected grey and black tones to make a great looking product. Looks really cool on. “Stick it to the man” with this great new design.

Headskinz face and neck buffs offer Sun, Wind and Debris protection, 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber. Approx. 50cm x 25cm. One size fits most. Machine wash cold. Washing line dry.

Make a statement, express yourself, and protect against the elements! (Dust, Dirt, Wind, Sun and Cold)

In stock