SOLAR SHIELD – Modern Grey Headskinz


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Headskinz SOLAR SHIELDS are a premium product that has been lab tested to deliver SUPERIOR SUN PROTECTION (50+UPF). Made from a premium and specific blend of Spandex material, they have a slightly silkier sheen to standard Headskinz, and they are super comfortable, super light and highly breathable. Headskinz Solar Shields are the perfect head wear solution for those that spend time in the sun.

THIS DESIGN: Modern Grey

The Modern range of products is the most versatile of the Headskinz range. It is a series of classic colours with a modern design twist, They incorporate the Headskinz logo along the side edge to create a subtle contrasting effect. Still conservative, but very modern. This one is the Solar Shield – Modern Grey Headskinz design. It is one of the more popular colours and will look great in any way that you decide to wear it. Solar Shield – Modern Grey Headskinz are a staple item, and will be a great additional to your Headskinz collection.

Make a statement, express yourself, and protect against the elements! (Dust, Dirt, Wind, Sun and Cold)

In stock